Lion Feijen

Bowl with Apples

Dutch Contemporary

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Price: £4,850

Medium: Oil on panel

Size without frame: 10 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches

Size with frame: 15 x 19 inches

He was born on 1 April 1947  in the Netherlands. Taught by his father, the artist Leo Feijen, in the basic technical and artistic skills, Lion continues as a mature artist to perfect these techniques. He seeks to achieve a harmonious interaction of beauty, reality  and romance. This pursuit of perfection makes him often doubtful about the result of his creative work. “The expression of images in accordance with my imagination is often very difficult, sometimes even a vexation. There is hardly any painting which is a true reflection of my original ideas. At certain moments I think ‘just perfect’, by the next morning I am tormented by doubts and I start changing certain aspects, trying to perfect my work.”

A frequent visitor to Scotland where he enjoys painting wildlife and landscape in contrast to his still life work.

His work is represented in many European collections.

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