In line with all other galleries, and with government strictures regarding Covid-19, we have shut our doors until further notice. But this does not mean that we have stopped doing business; rather, we continue to conduct operations online and to promote our presence on various social media platforms. We are making a few short videos on paintings currently in stock, and as the gallery is in the house we are able to supply extra photos of any items that might be of interest. Please keep an eye on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

By way of contributing to the efforts of those involved in social care, the gallery will donate 5% of all sales from the website, on paintings under £3,000, to ALLIANCE Scotland. Donations will also be made on values above this figure. Social care remains the Cinderella service in our midst, and it is important that those doing a mighty job on the so called 'second front' are duly recognised and given assistance.

The gallery is effectively open so please get in touch if you have any questions. Meantime, stay safe, stay at home and stay healthy.